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Whale Shaped Food Strainer Hand-held Colander

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Whale Shaped Food Strainer Hand-held Colander

Product Description

We are currently offering the acclaimed Whale Shaped Food Strainer Hand-held Colander at a great price. Don't pass it over - buy the Whale Shaped Food Strainer Hand-held Colander here now!

Manufacturer Description

For People Who Hate Hard To Clean Strainers...

... And LOVE Fun Kitchen Gizmos and Gadgets!

For a compact and easy to use pot strainer meet Wilbur, the Affordable Whale Strainer. This handsome guy fits neatly into any drawer, and unlike a fine mesh strainer, doesn't trap hard-to-clean starch in his gills. He's similar to his cousin (the crescent / half round plastic strainer), but as you can see, he's shaped like a fun loveable whale instead!

And he's looking for a fun, loveable kitchen to splash around in!

Of course, you've seen many other whales on your search today. Some are only $2 - what a bargain! Until you realize it takes 30 days to arrive. And of course, there are more expensive whales than Wilbur, they're great if you love paying out extra for packaging...

But Wilbur is priced right, because all he wants to do is drain your pasta, noodles, veggies, grilled meats and tuna, and have a whale of a good time in your kitchen fun again! And of course, he wants to arrive fast, to do exactly that!

Wilbur, The Pot Straining Whale - by Friendly Kitchen

  • BPA Free, Non-Toxic Whale Shaped Hand Strainer
  • Fits all pots up to 10" Diameter
  • He's An Ambidextrous Whale! Perfect for Left & Right Hands!
  • Color: Marine Blue
  • Pot Drainer Comes with 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Now, his gills may not be able to handle rice or quinoa, but some folks say he does. Try him out and see for yourself because you can always send him back within 30 days, no questions asked.

Product Features

HE'S A WHALE OF A TIME! If you've ever strained pasta with a fine mesh strainer, you'll know all about that hard-to-clean starch that gets trapped in the holes. So that's why people LOVE plastic, half round silicone pot strainers instead. But why stop at crescent when you can go FULL WHALE! New from Friendly Kitchen, Wilbur is the AFFORDABLY FUN whale your kitchen craves GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: You've seen many "Wilburs" on your search for around $2. But they take 30 days to arrive, that's a long time for a basic tool you want to use now, right? Some whales are $12, which includes the packaging you'll throw away. So, if you want your Whale to swim to your door FAST with value that makes sense, Wilbur is ready to receive your order! WHAT IS WILBUR USED FOR? He's a kitchen strainer of course, and best used as a small pasta strainer, noodle strainer, vegetable strainer, tuna strainer, and meat strainer! Some people say his gills are too big to be a rice strainer or quinoa strainer, some say they're just right. Take him home and try him out and if he's not right for your rice and quinoa diet, you can return him! BPA FREE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: Wilbur is also a health conscious cooking strainer, made from BPA Free Plastic. He fits any pot size up to 10 inches diameter and is suitable for LEFT and RIGHT HAND. He's easy to clean and you can let him swim in the top rack of the dishwasher. FRIENDLY KITCHEN PROMISE: When you take Wilbur The Affordable Whale home, one of two great things will happen. He'll make you smile every time you need to strain food while becoming your convenient, easy to store kitchen BFF. Or, you'll want to throw him back out to sea, and we'll refund every cent so you can find YOUR perfect fun strainer too. Try him out now.

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