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Intex Inflatable Ride-On Whale Review

Intex has you covered if you need a large, cute, inflatable whale. Their ride-on whale is 76 inches long, and kids can easily ride it in water. We have yet to try the ride-on feature, but for now, the whale is perfect for what we need.

This sizeable inflatable whale by Intex is perfect as our We Love Whales mascot. He is large and makes a statement, especially on the trails. What would you think if you saw this inflatable ride-on whale on a trail? Do whales exist in the woods? Perhaps they do.

When we first ordered our inflatable whale, we received an alligator instead. The second time around, we got the sizeable inflatable whale that we wanted. Even though it was January and very cold, we wanted to take the new whale on an adventure.

To inflate the whale took a bit of time. It was cold, and the whale was frozen stiff. After inflating him, we took him across the street for his adventure. Mojo, the whale, went to a beautiful local waterfall. He slid down the falls into the pool of water that leads to the mine entrance. He was durable and held up well after being tossed down into the water.

Mojo, the inflatable whale, will have many more adventures now that it’s warmer outside. It will be easier to inflate him, and his wrinkles will not be as noticeable. He is definitely worth the money, and kids and adults will have plenty of fun with him in the pool.

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